Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Slow Week

This is going to be a "slow" weight loss week, for me *sniff*  I know I shouldn't weigh until my regular, weekly, weigh time, but I can't help myself.  That scale sits in the corner and laughs at me, it is humiliating.  I hate that thing.  I should just go "scale free".....base my weight loss on how my clothes fit.  My OCD won't allow that, either.

I splurged, yesterday....not a bad splurge, just a small blizzard splurge and then I *know* I ate too much supper.  I could feel my body saying "enough, you are full" yet my fork wouldn't stop.  I hate it when that happens.  I should have made a salad (which I normally do), but yesterday....I was lazy and didn't do it.  We didn't all sit together, as a family, so I didn't have to put the supper on the table.  We were all sprawled out, all over Marshall Cty.  Excuses....I know....

Anyway, I really want something smothered in cheese, pasta, cookie dough, a 64 oz. coke (preferably from Sonic...with little ice), a greasy burger with cheese, curly fries, an alfredo pizza, steak.................

Okay, I'm good........not really, but good enough to start schoolwork, finish my almonds, put chicken in the oven to bake and continue on my healthy lifestyle eating plan.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weight Loss for Week 1

Me:  11 lbs.

Big Daddy:  12 lbs

Total:  23 lbs.

Our goal is 30 lbs, combined (not each) in a month.  Looks like we are well on our way.

I have been logging my foods (most days) on and I have been trying to walk, at least, 3 times per week.

I have cut down to 1 coke per day, no sweets, and watching my portions.  Making wise choices.

Eating healthy is EXPENSIVE!  I will be *so* glad when our garden is put in and I can start reaping what we have sown.  Food just seems to taste a bit better when you grow it yourself.


Saturday, April 21, 2012


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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Losing weight is NEVER fun.  It isn't near as fun as gaining the weight eating copious amounts of glorious things like cheese, drinking coke, pasta....  It never dawns on me, how big I've gotten, until I see pictures.  Until I realize that I'm winded walking up my stairs, or cleaning the house.  

I am fat.  Period.  The end.

So, in an effort (and inspiration from my friend Jen Harris who is also on a quest to drop the excess) to lose weight, I have started logging all of my stuff on a FREE website, You fill in the blanks (height, weight, your goal weight) and it does its thing and tells you how many calories you can have, in a day and it also allows you to document your eating and your exercise.

I logged in Big Daddy's food, yesterday, and we were shocked that he didn't eat much, but he was still over his target caloric intake because of what he ate.  He wasn't much over and we didn't log in his factory work, for burning calories, but still....once you write down every little thing that you pop in your mouth, it adds up.

I have been trying to exercise every other day.  Somedays are better than others, but I walk either 2 or 3 miles.  I'm going to start using those zumba DVDs that I bought last year and have never looked at.  I'm tired of looking bad.   I will never look like I did when I was young, I just want to feel better in my clothes and be able to breathe when doing small things.  My goal is reasonable.

We are starting with a SMALL, attainable, goal between us.  We want to lose 30 lbs in 30 days, between the both of us.  Realistically, he will lose more of the 30 lbs then I will because he loses super fast and I lose super slow.  That's okay.  If he loses 25 lbs. and I lose 5, then it is still meeting our goal and then we will set another goal for the next month.

We are not going to stop eating what we love.  I don't think that is realistic for us, we like to eat too much.  We are just going to limit it, use portion control, be wise.  We are not using magic pills, shots, starving or any other strange methods.  We are using exercise and making healthier choices.  Hopefully, it will soon be no more "logging" what we eat because we will just know how to properly eat and what to eat.

Wish us luck :/


Monday, April 16, 2012

Chicken/Broccoli/Rice Recipe


Chicken (however much you desire)
2 cans cream of chicken
2 cans cream of broccoli
2 chicken bouillion cubes
2 cups water
24 ozs. frozen broccoli
4 c. cheddar
3 c. cooked rice

Put all in the crockpot (except the rice and cheddar until the last 30 min).  Cook on low for 4-6 hrs.

The kids thought it was gold in a pot....LOL....

Me, Jude, go to Ethiopia???

After almost 6 mths of my son being home, this is the first mention we had of ET.

We were coming home from a soccer game and we approached a stoplight that is near our church.  Jude pipes up and says "Me, Jude, go to church?"  I said no, that we would be going the next day.

There was a pause....

Then he said "Me, Jude, go to Ethiopia?" and my heart just about stopped.  I told me that ET was very very far away and that we would, someday, go back.  I told him how much Gaga, Woudneh, Betty, Dagim and all his friends and nannies loved him so much.


We got home and he crawled up in my lap, very unusual for a boy who never stops.  I hold him and tell him how much I love him and then I ask him if he would like to watch our ET videos when daddy gets home.  He hasn't wanted to watch any of them, since coming.  He said he did.  

I lay him down for a nap and we wait for daddy to come home.  Our evening was busy, with lots of friends over.  He is normally running, excited, sweating and this time...he did play, but he was solemn.  I overheard him telling the other children that he loves ET and that he misses ET.

My heart.

I knew this day was coming, but knowing and being prepared are 2 different things.  Watching the movies can trigger emotions and memories that he may not be prepared to deal with.

We did watch the movies and he enjoyed them, I was thankful.

This morning, he seems back to his normal self.  He announced that he slept "long" and then he wondered where daddy was.  He has never asked where daddy was...he seemed lost without him. I explained that daddy was at work and that he would be home soon.  He seemed content with that answer.

The English is coming more and more each day and so are the questions.

Lord, grant me the wisdom to be able to handle all the questions with grace and love.


Roast Chicken


1 (or 2 in my case) whole chicken
Seasoning (you can either use the seasoning recipe I have on another post or lemon pepper)

Place chicken (I placed my right from the freezer) in a large pan with a lid.  Fill bottom of pan with water and liberally sprinkle whatever seasoning mix you prefer.

Cover, bake at 350 for 6 hrs.

It, literally, fell off the bone.