Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Slow Week

This is going to be a "slow" weight loss week, for me *sniff*  I know I shouldn't weigh until my regular, weekly, weigh time, but I can't help myself.  That scale sits in the corner and laughs at me, it is humiliating.  I hate that thing.  I should just go "scale free".....base my weight loss on how my clothes fit.  My OCD won't allow that, either.

I splurged, yesterday....not a bad splurge, just a small blizzard splurge and then I *know* I ate too much supper.  I could feel my body saying "enough, you are full" yet my fork wouldn't stop.  I hate it when that happens.  I should have made a salad (which I normally do), but yesterday....I was lazy and didn't do it.  We didn't all sit together, as a family, so I didn't have to put the supper on the table.  We were all sprawled out, all over Marshall Cty.  Excuses....I know....

Anyway, I really want something smothered in cheese, pasta, cookie dough, a 64 oz. coke (preferably from Sonic...with little ice), a greasy burger with cheese, curly fries, an alfredo pizza, steak.................

Okay, I'm good........not really, but good enough to start schoolwork, finish my almonds, put chicken in the oven to bake and continue on my healthy lifestyle eating plan.


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